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Coach Coordinator
Sub-Junior Gold Coach

I began calisthenics at 6 years of again at Plympton Methodist All Saints and continued competing for the same Club through its name changes to Plympton and Plympton Halifax for 21 years.  I also represented the State four times.

I began my coaching career in 1990 at Plympton and Vermont Clubs.  I coached an Intermediate State team in 1996 and was the assistant coach of the Senior National team in 1995.  In 1998 I moved to Yorketown and started up my own Club coaching all age groups.

In 2006 we moved back to Adelaide and I began coaching at Plympton Halifax again.  From 2006 - 2023 I have coached the Juniors with eight of those years in the Championship division.  For the past three years I have coached Sub-Juniors and in 2024 I look forward to again working with this age group and developing their skills and a foundation for their calisthenics future.

As Coach Co-Ordinator I enjoy mentoring our coaches and fostering our members to ensure a wonderful experience both on and off the stage. 

Calisthenics has provided me with many great life skills, friendships and memories and I am still as passionate about our Club, the sport and the teams I coach as the day I started.

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Tinies Navy Coach

I began calisthenics at the age of 3 at Vermont Calisthenics Club. Over the years I was lucky to be coached by many amazing women, including Josie Kerr, Hayley Edwards & Courtney Hill. 


My favourite aspects of calisthenics have always been competing as a team (especially with my sisters) and the close friendships within our club community. It is because of my love of performing and my love for my teammates that I am still competing over 20 years after my first calisthenics lesson. 


I was the Tinies Navy coach from 2016 to 2022 and I have also coached Sub Junior teams, Tinkerbells, Intermediate Team 2 and taught solos, duos and gracefuls. In 2024 I am excited to be back coaching Tinies Navy - I love being part of girls' early calisthenics journey and helping them build foundational skills and a love for our sport.


My aim as a coach is to foster a supportive environment where girls can improve, develop confidence in their abilities, work as a team and (most importantly) have fun!

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Sub-Junior Navy Co=Coach
Junior 2 Coach

I started at Plympton Halifax from 2 years old and have loved it ever since.


 In 2014 I received my life membership at PHCC and in 2016 I started demonstrating for the competitive and non-competitive Tinies as well as Sub-Juniors in the years to follow. I received my Level 1 coaching in 2019 and shortly after started my coaching journey. I have had the opportunity to coach the Sub-Junior and Junior teams as well as many solo, duos and graceful girls all while still competing in our Senior team.


Throughout my calisthenics years I have been coached by many wonderful women, who still coach today, and competed alongside them in teams. I have also been lucky enough to represent the State and our Club, competing in Ballarat and Darwin. I have made lifelong memories and friendships along the way.


Excitingly in 2023 we took our Junior teams to compete in the RSSS competition in Ballarat receiving an outstanding result and gaining 1st place.  This was an amazing achievement and I was thankful to be part of this coaching team.


I have loved coaching each team and assisting the girls to learn and develop their skills.

2024 will be my 25th year in calisthenics and I look forward to coaching the Junior 2 team and co-coaching the Sub-Junior Navy.

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Sub-Junior White Coach
Masters Coach

My calisthenics journey brought me to Plympton Halifax when my younger sister Victoria joined the Intermediate team in 2019.

During the past few years I have been a huge supporter of the Club and was fortunate to have been offered a coaching roll in 2022 in the Junior section. This year I am dipping my toe in a few different age groups Sub-Juniors and Masters and I can’t wait. 


I have been involved in calisthenics my whole life. My mum and sisters all did calisthenics, either currently or in the past - it’s a real family affair!  My coaching began in 2010 and during this time I have coached at many different levels and abilities including teams, graceful girls and solos.  I have been an assistant and head coach of the SA Development teams and in 2023 was assistant coach of the SA Junior National team that competed in Queensland.


I am a member of the PHCC Masters team and in 2024 I look forward to coaching and being part of this great team.


I’m so excited to be part of PHCC and to continue to grow and learn from everyone.

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Intermediate Team 1 Coach

I started calisthenics with Plympton as a Tiny in 1989 at the age of 4. As a youngster I was a very enthusiastic participant, often driving my mum crazy with impromptu performances. As a pupil and competitor, I have been fortunate enough to achieve many awards and compete at both state and national levels.

In 2003 at the age of 18 I made the transition to coach and was given my very first team of Tinies. Since then I have coached across all age groups including teams, solos, gracefuls, and duos. One of the biggest highlights and achievements of my coaching career to date has been watching my beautiful intermediates in 2023 compete at the Championship level in SA and then take out 1st place in the highest division of the RSS competition in Ballarat.

In my 35 years at Plympton Halifax I have learned so many important and valuable life lessons and made so many wonderful memories. More importantly, I've made friends who have become family and found support in a community that I wouldn't trade for the world. 

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 Intermediate 2 Coach
Tinkerbells Coach

I started calisthenics at Plympton Halifax at 3 years old and I am still here more than 25 years later! I began my coaching journey due to my desire to further involve myself and share my passion for the sport with the next generation.


Throughout my years with the Club, I have been lucky enough to be coached by some fantastic women, won several aggregates with my teammates, and received many awards, including the Club Girl award in 2018.  I have been fortunate enough to compete and coach at RSSS Ballarat, being part of the coaching teams for the 2019 Aggregate winning Sub Juniors and 2023 Premier Aggregate winning Intermediates.

PHCC has been my family and community for my whole life and I have made lifelong friends both as a coach and competitor. 

I have coached Subbies, Juniors, Inters and Masters but this year I am excited to take on a new challenge;  the Tinkerbells with my trainee coach Lily! As well as continuing with Miss Hayley in coaching our wonderful Inters.

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Senior Coach

I started calisthenics at Plympton-Halifax Calisthenics Club as a 6-year-old in the Sub-Juniors. As a child, I loved to dance. I’d learn all the dance moves from musicals and movies I could. I remember teaching back bends to my friends at school and coming up with performances to Grease and the Spice Girls at school camp talent shows. Cali was for me. I loved the costumes, the music, the choreography, and the friends I’d get to see every week.


Competing all the way up to Seniors, I represented South Australia in the 2000 Junior Championship team in Ballarat and then the 2003 Intermediate National Team in Perth. By far, my biggest individual achievement was being selected in the 2014 Senior National team at 26 years of age. Competing in Melbourne at the prestigious Hamer Hall, we came out with the win, and it absolutely changed the way I thought about calisthenics, both as a competitor and as a coach.


I achieved my coaching badge in 2008. In my time at PHCC, I have coached all age groups, apart from the Masters. I have such fond memories of all my teachings at PHCC; but nothing can top teaching my incredible Senior team which I have done on and off for almost 10 years. Last year we competed in the Championship Division at the Adelaide Convention Centre and it was a moment in my cali life I’ll remember forever.


PHCC has been my constant, my community, my escape, and creative outlet for almost 30 years (wow!). I have made lifelong friends I could not live without and learnt so much from other PHCC coaches that I will never take for granted.


My goal as a coach is to create routines that mean something. That are special and surprising. More importantly, it brings me joy to support my competitors, foster their self-belief and help them achieve their aspirations, all while enjoying the journey.


Let’s do this 2024! #PHCC4LIFE

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Junior 1 Coach
Sub-Junior Blue Coach

I started Calisthenics aged 5 at Largs North Calisthenics Club. In 2008 I made the move to Plympton Halifax.  The Club welcomed me with open arms and I have loved every moment since. 

I have been fortunate enough to compete/coach at the RSS Ballarat Competition 9 times. Excitingly in 2019 our Sub Juniors become the highest-scoring Division 2 team in the whole of the RSS Competition. This is a highlight of my coaching career. 

2024 will be my 17th year here at Plympton Halifax. I received my Level 1 coaching in 2015 and since I have coached non-competitive & competitive Tinies, Sub-Juniors, and Juniors.


As I set on a new adventure coaching the Junior 1s after 7 years with the Sub Junior Navy Team, I am excited for the challenge! I will also be working with our youngest Sub Juniors in the Blue team developing their skills and setting up their Calisthenics careers.


I look forward to seeing what 2024 has in store for PHCC after a very successful 2023! 

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Sparkles Coach

After competing for 8 years as an elite-level rhythmic gymnast, I made the transition over to calisthenics as an intermediate in 2013. Admittedly, I wasn’t too sure about calisthenics to begin with but now, you’ll never get me to leave!

In 2021 and 2022, I assisted Hayley Edwards with the Intermediates which really ignited a passion to coach a team of my own. I am super excited to coach the Tinkerbells and Tinies Navy teams.


I have competed in the CASA Solo and Graceful competitions every year since 2015, and was actually lucky enough to receive an Equal 4th in the 2021 Senior Championship Solo Competition. I look forward to being able to coach solo’s of my own under the guidance of all the incredible coaches I’m surrounded by.


I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

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Tinies Gold Coach
Sub-Junior Navy Co-Coach

I started Calisthenics at Plympton Halifax at 3 years old, encouraged by my mum who had previously competed for both Plympton & Halifax when she was younger. I fell in love with Calisthenics right from the start and haven’t stopped.


Being a very shy child, I decided to start demonstrating for the Tinies team to help build my confidence. I ended up loving it so much that I demonstrated every Saturday morning for many years before taking my own Tinies team in 2016.


My desire to become a Coach developed from my commitment to the sport of calisthenics as well as our Club and all it’s beautiful members. I love being able to watch our PHCC girls grow and develop their skills, technique and most importantly confidence. 


In 2013 I received my life membership, 2018 my 20 years service and in 2023 I was honoured to receive 25 years at PHCC. I have also received a few Coaches Awards and in 2014 and 2016 I was honoured to receive the Club Girl award. Throughout my time at PHCC I have been fortunate to have represented CASA and the Club with trips to Mt Gambier and Ballarat and in 2023 I was very excited to take our Junior teams to compete in the RSSS Ballarat competition. Our Juniors achieved an outstanding result and gained 1st place overall. I was so proud to be a part of this coaching team and experience.

In 2024 I am looking forward to once again coaching the Tinies Gold team as well as jumping into a new age group, coaching Sub-Junior Navy with my sister Jaclyn.

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