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Pupil Skills


Pupil Skills is a national examination program. It consists of three divisions - test, grades and medals. Each test and grade is based on a set syllabus and music audio which emphasizes technical detail, presentation and knowledge of terminology. The pupils learn their set routines and present to an examiner.


TEST 1, 2 & 3

The three tests are designed to introduce younger students to the procedure of the exams, to emphasize the importance of developing correct technique and to encourage confidence.

GRADES 1, 2, 3 & 4

Pupils progress steadily through grades whilst building a comprehensive vocabulary of terminology and a firm understanding of the requirements of basic calisthenics. It also allows the student to develop at their own pace and within their own capabilities. Throughout the Grades, combinations of movements are introduced to reinforce the terminology learnt. Exercises have been choreographed to develop co-ordination, artistry and musicality.


Pupil Skills are not compulsory for calisthenic participants however they are encouraged and recommended. South Australia has now implemented them as a pre-requisite for Solos, Duos and Graceful Competitors.



For further information please contact Lisa Beecken

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